Restorative Landscaping

Design. Build. Maintain.

Our landscapes are designed to celebrate Vancouver Island’s natural environment and bring the beauty of the West Coast to your doorstep. 

We not only create eye-catching spaces, but also design habitat, restore biodiversity and support pollinators. 

Your Property. Your Impact.

Our Design Process

Each project has unique considerations, however, in general we use the following process:
  • Property visit: We’ll walk the property with you to discuss your dreams. We’ll discuss what features you want to keep, what to remove and we’ll gather the information we need to create your design. At this point we will also give you a price for the Design Package.
  • Design: We’ll put everything together on paper in the Design Package to illustrate the plan. You’ll have a chance to review, give feedback and we’ll make changes until its perfect. 
  • Budget: Once we’ve settled on the design, we’ll put a price to it so that you know the cost to bring the design to life *ideally you will give us your budget range at the beginning so there are no surprises here!
  • Install: Finally, our team will make the magic happen and bring your project to life.

Example of Design Package: Plant palette, landscaping design, and illustrative sketch

* While we aim to use at least 80% native plant species in our designs, we will work with you to find the perfect combination of plants for your project.

Maintenance Packages

Feel good knowing your landscape maintenance is taken care of by reliable, environmentally minded professionals. Choose from our Maintenance Packages or have us create a custom package for your property.

Learn more about Maintenance.

Why We Are Different

Our landscaping techniques are not traditional. We never apply pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. We don’t do lawn maintenance and will never recommend installing a turf lawn (there are alternatives that are much lower maintenance and better for our environment).

We ask ourselves, what would nature do? Following natures lead, we create low maintenance landscapes that support wildlife and create biodiversity, and celebrate our region’s natural beauty.

Your Impact

On Vancouver Island we have one of the highest rates of biodiversity in the world. We also have among the highest number of species that are at risk of extinction. 
Habitat loss is the biggest reason why plants and animals go extinct and climate change is adding pressure to an already challenging situation.
Your property is an important piece of habitat in our community’s ecosystem. Whether you have a small garden space or a 10 acre parcel, your landscaping choices can make a difference to restore habitat and contribute to climate change resilience. 
Our landscapes: support biodiversity, create habitat, reduce maintenance requirements, and eliminate the need for chemicals. 
Our approach is founded the principals of ecological restoration. We create eye-catching West Coast landscapes that restore nature by working with the ecology of your property. 

Benefits to Including Native Plants

The benefits of using native plants on your property include:
  • Lower maintenance, hardier and more adaptable than most exotic species
  • Reduced dependency on pesticides, water and irrigation systems
  • Resistant to frost damage, drought, common diseases, and herbivores
  • With maturity, will form self-sustaining plant communities
  • Produce long root systems to hold soil in place and resist erosion