Landscaping Maintenance Packages

Rely on our team’s knowledge of organic gardening and Vancouver Island ecology to ensure your property thrives naturally, year-round.
Prices are based on the size of your property and work desired. Please contact us to get a quote for your maintenance. 
We also do Design and Installation for new landscaping.

Package Options

The Sitka

Have us come every other week from March to November to keep your landscaping looking lush and vibrant for the entire growing season.

The Cedar

Monthly maintenance to stay on top of your landscaping from March to November.

The Arbutus

Every other month we’ll dig into your landscaping to make sure it continues to look its best during the growing season (March to November).

The Oak

The essential maintenance package. Three visits per year, including a Spring refresh, a mid-summer weeding and an autumn/winter prep.

Package Details

Each visit includes, as necessary:

  • Weeding of garden beds and pathways
  • Collection of leaves and branches
  • Pruning of perennials and shrubs
  • Deep watering of garden beds and shrubs
  • Scan for pests, diseases and invasive plants
  • Maintenance removal of invasive species*
  • Disposal of debris *Initial invasive plant removal (generally projects taking more than 1hr) is scheduled separately. ex. large patches of blackberries

Yes! The following services are not included in packages but can be added:

  • Application of bark mulch, compost, and/or soil
  • Addition of new plants
  • Addition of borders, rock work or wood/log habitat
  • Tree pruning
  • Lawn maintenance *We do not offer lawn maintenance but we can suggest local companies
  • Invasive species removal *Removal projects for dense stands can be arranged separately. Get in touch to learn more about invasive plant removal services.
  • Contact us for pricing information

Absolutely. Get in touch and we will come up with a plan that’s perfect for you.

You’ve probably noticed we use the terms ‘organic gardening’ and ‘restorative landscaping’ on our website. Both refer to the approach we use in our work.

We consider ourselves stewards of nature as well as gardeners. Along with thinking about how good your landscaping can look, we always consider how to work with the unique conditions (rain, drought, humidity) of the West Coast, and ensure our work is having a positive impact on our natural environment.

The organic: We never use pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.

The restorative: Alongside ensuring your property looks beautiful, we work to restore habitat and biodiversity into your landscapes so they can be resilient and self-sustaining.


For more information on packages, please contact us.