Vegetation Inventories

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A vegetation inventory gives you a detailed understanding of the plant communities on your property. 


Inventories are key to making informed decisions about conservation, property development, management planning and ecological restoration.


Our Areas of Expertise


General Vegetation

A general vegetation inventory captures information about the entire plant community on your property, including invasive species and rare species.
Our expertise in plant identification allows us to conduct detailed and accurate inventories in any type of ecosystem.
Plot laid out to conduct a vegetation inventory on ecosystem restoration site.

Non-native Invasive Species

We conduct inventories of non-native invasive species to meet your conservation, restoration and property management goals.
Familiarity with these species, as well as the measures needed to control their spread, allows us to develop management plans that minimize cost and maximize effectiveness.

Learn more about our approach to Invasive Species Management.

Invasive species Himalayan Blackberry branch reaching to grow.

Wetland Inventory & Classification

A wetland inventory provides you with knowledge about plant communities, wildlife, invasive species, and site hydrology.
Once an inventory is complete, we will classify your wetland using the Wetlands of British Columbia Guide to Classification to provide you with a deeper understanding and inform your long-term monitoring, management and restoration activities.
Wetland ecosystem

Edible/Medicinal Vegetation

Interested in learning the nutritional and/or healing qualities of the plants on your property? We can tailor the survey to focus on plant species that are edible and/or medicinal based on your interest.
Use this survey to learn what natural plant resources you have and how to maximize the use of your property.
Oregon Grape

Inventories are available as one time events, or as part as ongoing monitoring. We offer this service to local government, conservation organizations and private property owners.