Landscapes that
Thrive by Nature

Specializing in ecological restoration and naturalized landscape design

ALDER works with the big picture in mind.

From extensive ecosystem restoration, to backyard habitat creation, we work with commercial and residential clients to create resilient, naturalized landscapes.

ALDER is based on Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada.

Natural Processes

Nature provides the best model for low maintenance, healthy landscapes. We use the natural ecology of your property to create aesthetically pleasing, functional designs that meet your goals. 

Place Based Solutions

We embrace the uniqueness of your property to give you a landscape that thrives. We consider factors, such as soil type, sun exposure, current vegetation and planned land-use to develop our designs.

Science Based Approach

We incorporate the latest science-based methodology into all of our projects and ensure that the designs and recommendations we provide you with are based on this foundation.

The ALDER Vision

Every action we take on the landscape has an impact on the environment. Our vision is to create healthy, diverse ecosystems through deliberate, eco-conscious planning and execution.

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